Cremation and interment

In Helsinki, cremation can take place in the crematoria in Malmi, Honkanummi, and Hietaniemi. If the cremation is to be carried out in Malmi or Honkanummi it can be arranged through the central registry of the Parish Union of Helsinki, with the Finnish Cremation Foundation responsible for cremations in the Hietaniemi Crematorium. Cremation is carried out within a week of the service.

The central register arranges the time for interment of the ashes. Ashes can also be buried without an urn. Usually, only the closest family attend the interment, under the guidance of an attendant. The family may invite the officiating minister to participate.

Prayers can be said at the graveside. Ministers and cemetery chapels give out brochures on interment with advice on prayers.

A similar moment for prayers can be held when a coffin is interred separately from the funeral service – for example, when the grave is in a different town.

When the urn is placed in the Kallio church, the parish takes care of transporting it. Before the urn is taken to its final resting place, prayers are said in front of a memorial altar.