Funeral arrangements

The family can decide how much help they would like from a funeral home and the parish with the arrangements. It is possible and quite useful to make some of the arrangements yourself – for example, making reservations for an officiating minister, arranging a grave, and booking a time and place for the service.

When one is arranging a time for the ceremony, the family’s wishes, the availability of the chapel or church, the minister’s timetable, and the venue for the funeral reception have to be taken into consideration. The officiating minister and the organist will help you plan the ceremony. At the meeting with the minister, besides the practical arrangements, the family can talk about their loss and grief.

Funeral directors take care of the moving of the deceased, sell coffins and urns, and make other arrangements as agreed with the family. If the family do not want to make the necessary bookings themselves, funeral directors can help with those as well. However, it is always good for the family and the minister to meet before the funeral service.