The central registry of the Parish Union of Helsinki

Kolmas linja 22 B
00530 Helsinki
tel. 09 2340 6000
The central registry of the Parish Union of Helsinki funeral services (in Finnish)

From the central registry you can:

- reserve a chapel
- make burial reservations
- make contracts for grave maintenance

Reserving a church for a funeral

For funeral services that take place in a church the reservation is made in the local parish office. Parish offices contact information can be found here.

The Finnish Cremation Foundation

Bookings for the private crematorium chapel in the Hietaniemi cemetery are made through The Finnish Cremation Foundation.

Cemetery offices

Helsinki Parish Union has six cemetaries: Hietaniemi, Honkanummi, Kulosaari, Malmi, Maunula and Östersundom and urn vault in Kallion church. In addition a part of the Honkanummi cemetary is used as a nondenominational grave area.

Hietaniemi cemetary office

Hietaniemenkatu 20
00100 Helsinki
tel. 09 2340 2800
fax. 09 2340 2809

Honkanummi cemetary office

Vanha Porvoontie 225
01380 Vantaa
tel. (09) 2340 2900, fax (09) 2340 2902

Kulosaari cemetary office

00570 Helsinki
tel. during the summertime(09) 2340 2980

During the winter months Kulosaari cemetery's business is managed from Hietaniemi cemetary office.

Malmi cemetary office

Malmin kalmistotie
tel. (09) 2340 2850, fax (09) 2340 2859

Maunula urn grove office

Pirkkolantie 22,
00630 Helsinki
tel. (09) 2340 2950 fax (09) 2340 2955

Östersundom cemetery

Långörintie 3,
00890 Helsinki

Östersundom cemeterys busines is managed from Honkanummi cemetary office. For contact information, see above.

Urn vault in the Kallio church

The urn vault in the Kallio churchis managed from the central registry.

Kolmas linja 22 B,
00530 Helsinki
Open ma–pe klo 8–15.45
tel. 09 2340 6000